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Protocol for sample data


The following schedule is made for a standardized capture, documentation and storage of sample-data. It is another, easy way of data transmission. The online-schedule is meant to avoid mistakes in data tranfer, especially those, due to translation from other languages. Customers from other countries who want to send samples are enabled to send the protocol in their native language. To protect the online-schedule from misuse, access is limited to authorized persons. If you are interested in using the online-schedule, you may order access-data here.


If you already have access-data, you may activate the online-schedule here. Please fill in the number of samples first and afterwards press the button.

Notice: Please fill in a new protocol-sheet for each object and each building-phase!

Number of samples:  


Of course customers may also send the protocol by mail further on. Please use our protocol-sheet in PDF.

Please use our special package for sample shipping. We would be pleased to send you a contingent of special packings upon request.



FR, Normandy: A workshop for carpenters at the Château de Gaillon, 25.05. - 02.06.2013

and some more Dendrodates  for the Normandy.

> more

NL, Schoonebeek - southern Drenthe area:

A systematical acquisition of the historical building stock

> more

DE, Eastern Frisia - Romanesque churches:

Serial investigation of wooden roofs

> more

NL, 's-Hertogenbosch:

Is it possible to localize
historical town fires using Dendrochronology?

> more

FR, Normandy:

Renaissance of Granges after the Hundred Years' War

> more

NL, Terborg:

Archaeologists discovered a
big medieval settlement area

> more

RO, Central Romania:

Enigmatic medieval carpentry

> more