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Pressler GmbH, planning and building research

Object-and cityplanning * Building inventories * On-site measurement * Scale modelling Photogrammetry * CAD-techniques * Structural damage analysis * Dendrochronology


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GB, Coggeshall: Exceptional carpenters' marks in a house of a wool merchant, 1509-1510.

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FR, Normandy: A workshop for carpenters at the Château de Gaillon, 25.05. - 02.06.2013

and some more Dendrodates  for the Normandy.

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NL, Schoonebeek - southern Drenthe area:

A systematical acquisition of the historical building stock

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DE, Eastern Frisia - Romanesque churches:

Serial investigation of wooden roofs

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NL, 's-Hertogenbosch:

Is it possible to localize
historical town fires using Dendrochronology?

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FR, Normandy:

Renaissance of Granges after the Hundred Years' War

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NL, Terborg:

Archaeologists discovered a
big medieval settlement area

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RO, Central Romania:

Enigmatic medieval carpentry

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